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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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. . exclusive video of a man arrested for a brutal beating at eastern market. he is one of three men facing charges for an attack that left
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a father near death. tonight, police revealed the robbery was one of two committed within hours of each other. >> first, strong storms with lightning in parts of our region. storm team 4 chief meteorologist, doug camera, who is getting hit? >> anybody along route 66. this is making its way around 66 down through warrington. not a severe storm but a strong thunderstorm with winds of 40-50 miles an hour. you can see a tremendous amount of lightning between manassas and fairfax. this is right along 66 here to the south of chantilly. a lot of lightning associated with this. this boundary right here, you see it making its way to the south and east does have fairly strong winds with it. watching this making its way toward the district in the next 15 minutes to half an hour. that's not the only thing we are
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watching. go out to the west. a big storm system to the west with very strong storms. that moving our way too. i will show you what i think that may get us coming up. back to that arrest in a violent robbery. police say their crime spree didn't end there. shamari stone joins us. >> reporter: tonight shall the three suspects are in jail. we were here when police transported them to the first district station. exclusive video shows one of three armed robbery suspects arrested for beating thomas mass lynn, a young husband and father for his iphone. it left him unconscious with serious brain injuries and remains hospitalized. >> this has been a very difficult time for the family. they still are struggling. she is extremely grateful. >> reporter: the chief tells us
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that this was the first crime of the night. the same suspects robbed three other people for their cell phones. >> all three of those suspects have been taken into custody and they range in age from 17 to 21 years old. there is very little we can talk about right now. there will be a lot more information available tomorrow. >> reporter: police won't say what led them to the men. they did tell me tips and this exxon surveillance video helped crack the case after an attempt to use maslin's credit card. >> have you linked that to one of the suspects? >> we have. >> have you taken the car in as evidence? do you have the car? >> yes. >> can you confirm that that car was used in the attack and robbery of maslin? >> i'm not going to comment on that but we have that car. >> reporter: police will search that silver getaway car, the one shown on the surveillance video at the exxon gas station. the suspects have their first arraignment tomorrow. thomas maslin's wife is expected
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to talk to the media. more breaking news in d.c. tonight. a violent attack inside a sandwich shop right in the busy golden triangle district. three men trying to rob the proet majee. the victim has serious injuries from the beating. investigators aren't sure if the victim is an employee or customer. several streets are shut down. officers are still looking for three men. three families have been displaced after flames spread through an ocean city condo. this happened just before 6:00 at the bradley on the bay complex. you can see the black smoke billowing into the sky. no injuries and no word on what sparked this. more than 1,000 pepco workers are one step closer to going on strike. union workers cheered after an overwhelming vote to reject the company's latest contract offer. union reps will now go back to pepco to try and get a new
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offer. if no deal is reached, workers will vote on whether to strike. >> pepco issued a statement saying they were disappointed with the union's decision to reject the offer. the labor battle comes as pepco got the go-ahead for a rate hike in d.c. they approved a partial rate increase which could mean an extra $2.60 a month for the average customer. we have breaking news tonight involving the nfl and its locked-out referees. dan hellie is in the newsroom with tonight's development. as you know, the lockout went from headlines the sports page to the front page. now, it appears to be over. the nfl and the referee's association have agreed on a new contract that will put the officials back on the field. not only are the referees coming back but they are expected to be back in time for tomorrow's thursday night game between the ravens and the browns. after the debacle in seattle, the nfl received so much negative publicity, the owners just had to do something.
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both sides gave a little to get the deal done. the officials clearly had the owners over a barrel after that monday night game. so the immediate difference to football fans to be determined but the games will be faster. we can promise you that this year with the replacement officials. the games have been between 10 and 15 minutes longer per game. we will have more coming up in sports. >> thank you, dan. two high-profile teen murders in prince george's county still unsolved. both victims shot and killed within weeks of each other. for the first time tonight, the police chief is sharing new evidence in both cases. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has the exclusive interview. >> ready. >> are these cold case sns. >> no. not by any stretch of the imagination. >> prince george's police county chief says the open murder case of amber stanley and march kell ross will be solved. >> even a lack of details doesn't mean there is a lack of
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progress. >> stanley was shot and killed inside her upper marlboro home as she slept in late august. the chief says he remembers when he got the call. >> i had the same reaction our community had, was shocked. based on new information in the stanley case, one thing is now certain. >> i'm confident that this was not a random act with amber but i'm very confident that because of the leads we have and the community outpouring and information from the community that this case will clothes. >> on september 11th, markel was shot and killed while walking to his capital hills high school. >> i was on the scene of markel's incident. it was just like that, another young adult in our community. >> chief mcgaw says in both cases, they are inching closer and closer to arrests. >> we have leads as in suspects in both cases that we're trying
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to develop more information to either exclude them from the suspect list or go further and make a full arrest. >> reporter: chief mcgaw says while they have a lot to work with in these cases, they don't have what they need to close the cases. that's why they are holding public information meetings like this one here at central high school tonight. they hope someone will come forward with that piece of information that can solve these cases. in capital heights, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. as investigators try to zero in on suspects, they are meeting with the community. dozens gathered at central high school to talk with police about markel ross's murder. earlier in the day, police and residents gather ford a community walk in memory of amber stanley. they passed out flyers in hopes of generating more lead in politics, a crucial battleground state may be slipping away from mitt romney. no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. in the latest "new york times"
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cbs poll, romney is trailing the president there by ten points. earlier this month, they were in a virtual dead heat. that was before video surfaced showing romney making disparaging comments about 47% of americans that don't pay federal income tax. both men are concentrating on ohio campaigning about 100 miles apart. mitt romney is in a rally in toledo. president obama at kent state. neither one passing up a chance to take a jab at the other. president obama misspoke and turned a blunder into a swipe. >> i want to see us export more jobs -- export more products, excuse me. i was channeling my opponent there for a second. >> you know, the president just other day said that you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the
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outside. well, we're going to give him that chance on november 6th. >> both candidates head to virginia tomorrow. romney is campaigning at the american legion post in springfield. there is a rally there. the president is at the farm bureau in virginia beach. a company based out of massachusetts has been tapped to make repairs to the earthquake damaged washington monument. crews from perin i-management surfaces will start work in two months buildingskaf scaffolding filling in cracks. they are expected to last until 2014 and cost $2 million a demolition project is creating a lot of excitement. they have fought legal battles for the run-down skylar mall. now, the work is on to get rid of it and replace it with an 1800 acre development unit, 500 housing units and retail shops
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and plans for a walmart controversy over a program that allows doctors to give teenage girls the morning after pill without telling their parents. the pilot program began in new york city offering pregnancy testing, birth control pills and the plan "b" emergency con tro accept tiff pill for students. high teen pregnancy rates. school officials sent parents a letter about this program giving them a chance to opt out. next on news 4, a northern virginia church pays tribute to a family of four killed in a murder suicide. >> a local couple is left cleaning up after a car smashes in their dining room. in their dining room. the world's best dad this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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a road construction truck burst into flames while it was laying down adhesive for lane markers. troopers say the truck was carrying a large propane tank that exploded. the fire, no one was hurt. a community in virginia joined together to mourn the loss of an entire family. frentds, coworkers and classmates turning out at the united methodist church in herndon, lighting candles to remember the peterson family. police tell us that 57-year-old albert peterson shot and killed his 52-year-old wife, kathy and their two sons, christopher and matthew. he then turned the gun on
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himself. co-workers got worried when kathy did not show up for work for the second day in a row. the larger community is left to ask, why? a tip from a dying man has the fbi hoping to solve one of the country's most legendary mysteries. the search for jimmy hoffa's body is now in the back of a home in roseville. something unusual did turn up on ground penetrating radar. now, police plan to start digging. they are not optimistic they are going to find hoffa but believe it is worth investigating. a family found homeless after a car crashes through the garage and ends up in the dining room. the 70-year-old driver is taken to the hospital but expected to be fine. he didn't live at the house but the couple that lived inside the house was home at the time but they are not hurt. >> rough day. >> yes, it was.
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>> some stormy weather moving in. a dramatic ending. >> i just got a treat from somebody around george mason saying it sounds like pianos falling from the sky. very heavy rain going to continue. very strong winds. you may not have been expecting it coming through right around 11:00 tonight. we are seeing the rain just down to the south of washington making its way through fairfax county. fairfax county under the gun and also loudoun county seeing some pretty good rain. what we are going to be looking at is this one storm that made its way all the way from west virginia, all the way through you our region and right now, right through fairfax county. once again, no severe thunderstorm warnings with this. this is still a fairly strong storm with winds 40 to 50 miles an hour. right over falls church in and around the annandale area. 40-50-mile-an-hour winds on the front side. that is coming right around i-95
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right now. if you live around springfield, down around annandale or alexandria and mt. vernon, leesburg, loudoun county, you are going to see light to moderate rain move through. five minutes in braddock, eight minutes in alexandria. clinton, maryland, 23 minutes. in around brandywine, 38 minutes as this is moving toward the east at about 40 miles per hour. we are going to continue to watch this storm closely. then, we are going to watch what's happening out to the we have. we have talked about this moisture train out here. a lot of moisture, including this area of storminess right here. this is going to ride along this front and try to move our way. we do have a chance for some of these to continue tonight. if you live to the north of washington, this storm right here that we are seeing, it may go just south of d.c. these may travel just off to the north. maybe the panhandle of west virginia, frederick and up
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towards hagerstown. then, we are going to watch this area. if it can stay together, it will be here during the day tomorrow. we could be dealing with strong thunderstorms tomorrow. all because of this frontal boundary. very warm air to the south. watch this area of low pressure to our west. this is about 5:00. once again, seeing some of those showers and storms just off to the west in through the mountains. they will come through here and be scattered. we are not talking about a widespread event. we could see some fairly heavy rain in parts of the area. we will watch this frontal boundary come through. a few thunderstorms. if you do, you could see locally heavy rain. high temperature today got up to about 84. 65, the morning low. sunset was at 6:58. so before 7:00, and our days continue to get shorter by about 2:30 a day. 75 degrees with a thunderstorm just down to the south. winds right now out of the west at 8 miles an hour. temperatures much warmer right
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now than they have been over the past couple of nights. 63, fredericks, 68, hagerstown. 74 down towards fredericksburg. i expect to see partly cloudy skies, mild conditions with showers possible and even a possible thunderstorm. temperatures, 57-65. tomorrow afternoon, we will watch out for that shower chance. i also think we will see some sunshine. a mixture of sun and clouds and another warm day. temperatures, 79-84. heads up for the showers. may be a possible thunderstorm. any storms that do develop could produce locally heavy rain as this one is doing with 40-50-mile-an-hour winds. friday, a high of 77. we calm down on saturday. another slight chance on sunday. don't cancel any plans. the weekend is looking okay, rather cloudy but okay. temperatures cool as we head into next week. a little closer to average, average high temperature right
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now, 75 degrees a man from tacoma park, maryland, is using his photography and a few computer tricks to document his daughter's young life. i started a collection of photos with his daughter, allison b. they all show her in precarious situations. they all have one thing in common, a coffee mug that says, world's best father. he says, almost all of the pictures were photo shopped and his daughter was never in any danger. the collection has gone viral. you can hear from david tomorrow morning during the 7:00 a.m. hour of the "today" show. looks like he had a lot of fun putting those together. >> he did. they are adorable. >> great fun. coming up in sports, bryce harper and the
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so we could say, it's good. >> have they really got a deal worked out? >> is it that good? >> it is not signed, sealed and delivered but it is agreed upon. the referees, the official officials in the nfl will be back and could be back for as early as thursday night's game. too much heat on the nfl. you guys said it. the president was talking about it. former president, bill clinton, was talking about it. 70,000 calls to nfl headquarters. the referees are just sitting on it. i think we have a little leverage. let's talk baseball. now that we know the referees are going to be back.
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nats win, the braves win. magic number down to four. nationals haven't been playing their best baseball the last two weeks but they got plenty of timely hitting, including home run number 20 for bryce harper. the kid helping getting things started. harper facing kyle kendrick drives his pitch into the seats in left center field. that is home run number 20 for harper. he is the second teenager in the history of the universe with 20 home runs on the major league level. not too shabby. kurt suzuki with one on. he is getting in on the action. his fifth home run of the season. the nationals jump out to a 5-0 lead. bottom of the eighth now. nats up 5-4. tyler clifford always enjoys making things interesting. he gets a huge strikeout. jayson werth feeling right at home in philly. listen to the crowd booing him relentlessly. he steps up with the hit right
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up the gut. that's a couple of rbis for werth and the nationals go on to win, 8-4. atlanta also won. so the magic number now as we said for the nationals, four. they wrap up the series tomorrow night in philly with gio going for his first national win. o's hosting toronto. he played under buck showalter and in the majors. this is one of the great 40-year-old baseball players in the game, jim thome. just three years younger than deon. this guy, two batters later, manny mach achl ado was born te months after thome made his debut. one of two home runs for
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machado. orioles beat toronto, a game and a half behind the yankees in the al east. how about this, baltimore and washington getting some love on this weeks "sports illustrated" cover. the o's on the cover and cover stories about the nationals and rg3. rg3 has been on "sports illustrated's" cover twice in the last the year and has another cover story about him. safe to say, people know about the kid. redskins put roy hillue on the injured reserve. they replaced him with ryan grant who won a super bowl with the packers. he chose the redskins over the bears because he felt like this was a better opportunity. he thought he would see more playing time echl is familiar with the shanahan's zone blocking system and the coach happy to have a veteran running back with a resume that includes 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns on the roster. >> i think he fits with what we
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do. he is big and fast and has some experience. he is a very sharp kid, picks things up very quickly. at this time of year, you need guys that have a little experience. i think he is a guy in a couple week's time probably could learn the system fairly quickly and
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